"A friend and I were talking about how Forrest yoga has improved our lives not just physically but emotionally as well. I love how each of us react differently after class. One class I was energized and empowered and someone right next to me was in tears. We each seem to take exactly what we need from each class. There have been times, 2 days later, I find myself crying for no reason! I think it's awesome. The biggest change for me has been emotionally. I am reacting to my feelings differently if that makes any sense whatsoever. It's impossible to explain in a written note, but it's a great and welcome change for me. I want you to know these things because you are changing people's lives. Thank you." ~ K. B.

"Thank you for a wonderful class today.  You always inspire me with what you have to say." ~ A. S.

"Forrest yoga is probably the most challenging physical workout I've ever had, but Deb helps people of all levels find their way in, so no matter what level you're at, you can participate meaningfully and reap many rewards. Deb is precise, balanced, caring, encouraging and motivating. I've taken her classes regularly and have eliminated middle age "aches and pains" and have kept myself flexible and pretty much injury-free. I tell the intensely competitive athletes I know that Forrest yoga is like an insurance policy against injury. If you have any kind of regular physical activity, you can't afford not to do this yoga. Deb's classes are enormously practical, but they bring together the spiritual and emotional as well--and often with a dash of humor. She never repeats a sequence (not that I've seen, anyway), and she always opens up some new fertile ground to till, depths I didn't realize I had still yet to plumb.  Deb is a treasure in the Upper Valley yoga community." ~ C. G.

"I am so happy you were subbing and I got a chance to experience your teaching. It was so challenging, in many ways, but really great. There were some really cool moves I have never done before, and I also really liked following your cues. It did not let me think about anything else...and I really needed that." ~ S. A.

"I’d never taken a yoga class before but had been considering doing so when, just by chance, saw Deb at a local shop. She had just returned from a month-long intensive course and her glow and energy were palpable. She told me she was going to begin teaching yoga and that perhaps I might be interested to come to a class and ‘check it out.’  I did and have really never looked back, although I must admit, I’ve had moments of doubts – can I do this, will I be able to keep up, is my body flexible enough, can I overcome my fear of inversions, etc.  With Deb’s careful guidance and encouragement, her passion, enthusiasm and patience, I’ve been able to accomplish more than I thought possible. She also has a great sense of humor and laughs readily, which make her classes fun!  Coming to Deb’s studio is so easy…everyone is warmly welcomed.  There is no competition only a dedicated yoga teacher who loves what she is doing and shares that love with everyone in her class. I feel very fortunate to have such an accomplished yogini as my teacher. " ~ S. B.

"Deb's classes awoke me to a new way of knowing my body and feeling my strength. What had before remained theoretical--these ideas of feeling deeply into our bodies, opening our hearts--became tangible and literal around the time I started going to Deb's Forrest classes. At my first class I made my intention breathing into my heart, and I left that evening with a true warmth in my chest, and calm resolve in my heart and mind. With me was a newfound resolution and courage to go home and heal wounds and communication with my mother. This speaks to the incredible power of yoga, and Deb guided me there! Deb creates a safe and loving environment, and it is clear that she genuinely cares about students--that we get the most benefit from each posture--and she offers personalized adjustments. The cues offered in Forrest Yoga are powerful for waking us up to new ways of holding ourselves and understanding/feeling the alignment of our own bodies. With Deb's classes I know I will find a deep practice that is fulfilling and healing in ways other classes often are not." ~ K. A.